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Why stacking chairs are the perfect solution for schools

Dive into the essential role of stacking chairs for schools in optimising educational spaces. We highlight the indispensability of these chairs, emphasising their space-saving advantages and adaptability. As students navigate bustling school environments, the lightweight and durable design of stackable chairs become apparent, enabling effortless rearrangement for various activities.
Villanova School with Konfurb fly sled stacking chairs in open classroom

There’s nowhere more fast-paced than a busy school, as students rush through corridors and between classrooms to get to their next lesson. In such a bustling setting, teachers need flexible furniture and adaptable seating to make the most of spaces.

Versatile, stackable chairs are a regular fixture in most schools, bringing space-saving advantages and convenience. The humble stackable chair is an unsung hero that learning environments simply couldn’t do without. 

In this article, we’ll explain why stacking chairs for schools are indispensable, and showcase some of the best options for the classroom, assembly hall, and auditorium.


The benefits of using stacking chairs in schools

One of the main benefits of stacking chairs is their space-saving ability. Unlike an office chair, school chairs regularly need to be moved, reconfigured, and stored, and stacking provides a neat and tidy solution.

Stacking chairs when they’re not in use frees up floor space for other learning activities and allows teachers to change the setup of their room with minimum fuss. Maximising space helps teachers create a more versatile learning environment for their students.

MLC School classroom konfurb fly chairs

Light as a feather

You’ve probably sat in hundreds of stackable plastic chairs in your lifetime without considering their design. Stackable chairs come with some ingenious design features you might not have noticed.

One of the best features of stacking chairs is their lightweight construction. They’re made from durable, ultra-light plastics and frames, making them easy to rearrange and tidy between lessons.

Featherlight stackable chairs can be rearranged for group work or different classroom activities. They can be moved from one desk to another with barely any effort, making them perfect for collaborating students.


School chairs are in near constant use throughout the term, so durable design and high-quality materials are vital.

Durability should be a key consideration, and a solid stackable chair should be designed to withstand the rigours of daily use by boisterous students.

With ultra-tough polypropylene seats and chrome-plated bases, stackable chairs like Buro’s Buro Maxim, Konfurb Fly and Buro Mario (more on them later) are built to last. 

These chairs can be stacked, unstacked, moved, and used without losing their structural integrity, making them reliable for years.

Easy to clean

School chairs get dirty pretty quickly. Fortunately, most stackable chair seats and back rests are made of easy-to-clean polypropylene, making them easy to wipe at the end of the day. 

Stackable chairs don’t just benefit teachers, they’re also helpful for school cleaners. A stackable design makes it easy for cleaners to store school chairs as they clean classroom floors.

Safety features

Health and safety is front of mind in every educational setting, and stackable school chairs come with plenty of handy safety features.

Many models have non-slip feet that keep the chairs from sliding or toppling over, lowering the risk of accidents and injuries.

Others have glides that maintain stability and prevent the floor from marking.

Most school chairs are designed with rounded edges to reduce the risk of injury to students.

villanova school konfurb fly auditorium chairs

Konfurb Fly Sled chairs in the Villanova College auditorium

A+ for auditoriums and assemblies

Ultra-versatile stacking chairs come into their own in auditoriums and assembly halls, and Buro’s range of seating is tailor-made for assemblies and large gatherings. 

Chairs like the Buro Maxim and Konfurb Fly can be stacked away neatly in halls when they’re not in use, while the Buro Mario and Buro Envy can be linked together during assemblies, delivering a tidy, theatre-style seating structure for those important school meetings.

All our stackable chairs can be easily stacked onto trolleys and moved up to 25 at a time, making large seating arrangements a piece of cake.


Buro’s stacking chairs for schools

If you’re looking for great stackable seating for your school, college, or university, here are some of our best options:


Buro Maxim

buro maxim indoor cafe chair

The Buro Maxim delivers deluxe comfort, with an upholstered foam seat pad that students will love. This chair has a sled frame for superior support, while its stackability makes it ideal for classrooms, meeting rooms, and other educational environments.

The Maxim can be stacked 10 at a time on the floor or up to 25 at a time on a trolley.

This chair features robust materials, with a strong polypropylene back, upholstered black vinyl seat, and the option of a chrome-plated tubular frame or black powder-coated frame.


Konfurb Fly

Konfurb fly blue chairs in MLC School classroom

Combining comfort, strength, and durability, the Konfurb Fly is a sled chair that mirrors the human body and its needs. With an eye-catching design, it wouldn’t look out of place in a boutique store, but is equally at home in the classroom.

The Konfurb Fly is versatile enough for every educational setting and has proven popular in classrooms. It’s also built to last, with 100% polypropylene seating and a quality powder-coated frame finish.

You can stack the Konfurb Fly eight at a time (or five with seat pads), or 12 at a time on a trolley. 


Buro Mario

buro mario stacking chair

The Buro Mario can be stacked or linked, and combines a generous seat size with high-quality materials.

With plush padding, the Buro Mario has a 120kg weight rating, making it also ideal for meeting rooms and receptions. 

This chair has a strong steel black powder-coated skid base frame, and boasts a quality seat and comfortable back foam for visitors and students alike. 


Our school seating in action

Buro’s range of quality school seating has been used in education spaces across Australia and New Zealand. Check out the case studies below showcasing Buro chairs in social, meeting and auditorium spaces. 

John McGlashan College in Dunedin renovated their school dining hall with Konfurb Fly chairs, giving them flexible seating capabilities. The Konfurb Fly has enabled the school to cater for meetings and functions with multiple layouts, while the College can change the look and feel of its space easily.

john mcglashan college fly chairs
craighead school konfurb fly barstools

Craighead Diocesan School in Timaru also used the Konfurb Fly Sled barstools for flexible seating, allowing the school to cater for functions with multiple layouts.

The youth space at Rutland Street Church in Christchurch used the Buro Envy to create theatre-style seating for engaging learning activities.

buro envy chairs at rutland st church auditorium


Now you know all about the advantages of stacking chairs for schools, head to School Chairs to check out our complete range of education seating options.



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