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van next to lake while travelling and working
08 May 2024
Health Wellbeing
Join Jolene from Buro as she shares her inspiring journey of remote work, travel, and parenting. From homeschooling her kids on the road to finding ergonomic solutions for her mobile office, discover how she made it all work. Her story highlights the possibilities and challenges of embracing a remote work travel lifestyle.
konfurb Saron and Buro Persona office chairs
29 Mar 2024
Explore the comprehensive guide to selecting the ideal office chair material. Whether it's the breathability of mesh, the luxurious comfort of leather, the versatility of fabric, or the affordability of vegan leather, this article delves into the pros and cons of each option. Discover which material suits your budget, durability, comfort, appearance, and maintenance preferences, ensuring your office seating enhances wellbeing.
kolo midi studio booth used in office layout for privacy
28 Mar 2024
Health Wellbeing
Delve into the significance of office layout for fostering wellbeing among employees. Learn how thoughtful design choices impact comfort and satisfaction in the workplace. Discover innovative trends, including the utilisation of 3D models to visualise seating arrangements, and create environments that promote both physical and mental health.
women taking microbreak walking with Konfurb Orbit occasional chair behind her
28 Feb 2024
Unlock the secret to enhanced workplace wellbeing with microbreaks. Dive into our comprehensive guide revealing the transformative benefits of incorporating brief, regular pauses into your daily routine. From reducing musculoskeletal pain to boosting productivity and vitality, discover how microbreaks revolutionise ergonomics and redefine the dynamics of office health.
buro elan quality office chair
26 Feb 2024
Unlock the potential of your office with high-quality furniture, ensuring exceptional ROI. Discover why investing in quality seating is a smart choice. Explore our product suggestions for the best ROI office furniture can offer, optimising comfort, productivity, and sustainability for your business's long-term success.
konfurb Star modular furniture in collaborative workspace
30 Jan 2024
Unlock the latest insights on workplace design trends for 2024, transforming offices into dynamic and inviting spaces. Explore solutions to key challenges like hybrid work setups, privacy, and employee wellbeing. Discover how ergonomic furniture and innovative design concepts can enhance productivity and create a harmonious and healthy work environment.

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