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konfurb harmony chair in a small office design layout
05 Sep 2023
Just started your first WFH or hybrid role but only have space for a small office design layout? We share advice for creating your very own ergonomic setup at home, offering solutions for even the smallest workspace. We share essential things to include in your home office, space-saving layout tips and how to create your ergonomic desk set up.
buro maverick gaming chair
20 Aug 2023
Gamers often sit in one spot for hours on end. Therefore the right gaming chair is essential, but do they differ from office chairs? We break it down here. Understand the similarities and differences between gaming and office chairs and whether or not you should invest in a separate WFH chair?
seating options for accessible office design
28 Jul 2023
Health Wellbeing
It’s important for your business to be accessible to all. In this article, we provide essential tips to ensure your office is accessible for those with physical disabilities. We cover; general building features for accessibility, furniture to accommodate disabilities and how ergonomic chairs can benefit disabled employees.
dunedin city council conference room buro metro II chairs
27 Jul 2023
The right conference room layout design can make a huge difference in an organisation. In this article, we share tips for designing a conference room that is not only comfortable but encourages attendees to remain attentive and engaged. We cover; essential furniture for your conference room, design and layout options and extra tips for boosting attendee engagement.
mondo office furniture brand
27 Jun 2023
At Buro, every chair we make is the result of a painstaking design process, using the very best materials and latest technology. One thing you might not know about us is that we’re more than just one name and identity. We have three separate brands, each with a totally unique approach. In this article, we’ll provide a snapshot of our three brilliant brands, what they offer, the customers they serve, and how each might be perfect for your workplace.
recycling office furniture parts
20 Jun 2023
Discarding old office furniture can be a big job. Learn how often to replace old office chairs, sofas and desks and some helpful tips on how to get rid of your pre-loved office furniture in a responsible way.

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