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27 Feb 2023
Discover the significance of diverse office seating and the advantages it offers in terms of productivity and wellness for employees. Learn about the three different types of workers and how their requirements differ. Explore office neighbourhoods and the four foundational space typologies according to Steelcase. Finally, delve into the finest seating alternatives for your organisation, including ergonomic office chairs, active sitting stools, and more.
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27 Feb 2023
Health Wellbeing
In this article, we show some of the ways companies can improve employee morale and ensure staff look forward to a day in the office. We outline eight key ways to develop a stronger workplace culture — and how we changed our own workplace for the better and how to choose the right office furniture.
31 Jan 2023
Touchdown spaces are a great option for businesses that want to support a flexible or hybrid working environment. They provide staff with a convenient place to work. A well-designed touchdown space can encourage collaboration, improve engagement and lead to better performance and productivity.
konfurb block modular seating in office communal space
30 Jan 2023
The shift to remote work has been a major challenge for many businesses, with employees becoming increasingly comfortable with the flexibility and convenience of working from home. However, there is still a strong desire for human connection and collaboration in the workplace.
16 Jan 2023
Discover the benefits of incorporating a neutral colour palette in your office interior design. Learn how to create a cohesive, timeless look by layering different neutral tones, and how to use colour theory to promote focus, concentration, and overall wellbeing in the workplace. Explore real-life examples of successful neutral colour palette offices, and learn how to add personality and interest to your space while keeping it calming and inviting.
16 Dec 2022
There's so many different chairs on the market, it can be hard to identify which one is right for you. Help get clear on what you need with these 10 short videos answering common questions with Andy McRobbie, our New Zealand Sales Manager and Andrew Wilson, Ergonomist and Osteopath.

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