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java mesh high back chairs in open planned office
29 May 2023
In this ultimate guide to office chair maintenance, we explain why high-quality chairs are a worthwhile investment, and why it’s vital to take good care of them. We also provide top tips for cleaning and maintenance to keep your chairs in pristine condition.
Woman suffering from neck pain due to poor work-from-home ergonomics
30 Apr 2023
Related research highlights the importance of work-from-home ergonomics that promote good posture while sitting. In this blog post, we share advice from Ergonomist Andrew Wilson on building your home office and cover how poor sitting posture can lead to various work-related injuries. We also outline how to promote good WFH ergonomics for yourself or your employees, covering the importance of ergonomic office chairs for home use, a good desk setup, and taking regular activity breaks.
work from home ergonomic setup with mesh back desk chair
19 Apr 2023
Working from home can pose significant challenges to employees' health and productivity, particularly in terms of ergonomics. As an employer, it's essential to provide guidance on ergonomic workstation setup, invest in high-quality ergonomic office chairs, and encourage regular movement. Mental health support and clear boundaries between work and home life are also vital. Learn more about how you can help your employees work comfortably and productively from home.
buro mentor ergonomic chair
30 Mar 2023
Health Wellbeing
Office exercises are one way of mitigating injury risks. Pulls and strains can often be avoided with some simple desk workouts and office stretching. Taking regular breaks from work to exercise and stretch is key. Everyone in the office, no matter how busy they are, should take time to take care of their bodies. Here are some tips, stretches, and light desk workouts that can help you perfect your workplace posture and prevent injuries from happening.
Buro Elan Buro Peekaboo in neutral workspace
27 Feb 2023
Discover the significance of diverse office seating and the advantages it offers in terms of productivity and wellness for employees. Learn about the three different types of workers and how their requirements differ. Explore office neighbourhoods and the four foundational space typologies according to Steelcase. Finally, delve into the finest seating alternatives for your organisation, including ergonomic office chairs, active sitting stools, and more.
buro team problem solving
27 Feb 2023
Health Wellbeing
In this article, we show some of the ways companies can improve employee morale and ensure staff look forward to a day in the office. We outline eight key ways to develop a stronger workplace culture — and how we changed our own workplace for the better and how to choose the right office furniture.

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