School Chairs

School chairs and educational seating for the modern learning environment.
Buro Seating has developed a range of school chairs that are ergonomic, durable and adaptable enough to keep up with changing needs of students and staff in a modern educational environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

School Chairs

What is the best school chair?

A school chair needs to meet the needs of multiple users and be easy to move when classes are rearranged. As learning styles change, finding a student chair that is comfortable, durable and looks appealing can enhance the student’s learning experience and wellbeing. Buro Seating has a range of school chairs that work across multiple environments.

Durable, adaptable and ergonomic to suit periods of focus, collaboration or study. Browse our range of education seating to find the best fit.

Which chairs are best for a school library?

In libraries, students tend to engage with a range of activities, from quiet self-study to browsing and collaborative activities. Modular, soft seating works well for these activities, inviting a relaxed atmosphere and comfortable experience, while desk chairs can support more focused periods of work.

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