Conference Chairs

Durable, stylish, comfortable conference chairs for events and meetings.
Buro’s conference chair range was created to meet the demands of the modern events industry. Versatile, stackable and designed with comfort in mind so people can relax and enjoy the moment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Conference Chairs

Are stackable conference chairs better?

When working with large numbers of chairs that need regular rearranging, a stackable conference chair is a good choice. This can allow for faster turnaround times and less wear and tear on the furniture.

Are boardroom chairs the same as conference chairs?

Boardroom chairs are also sometimes called executive chairs. These are designed to be sat in by multiple people, engaging in conversation, during meetings that may last 2-3 hours at a time. Conference chairs on the other hand are designed to also be used by multiple people with higher rotation.

Therefore these two types of chairs meet slightly different needs and are designed accordingly. Boardroom chairs often have a higher back with plenty of adjustable features that may include an automatically adjusting mechanism to respond to the needs of different users. Conference chairs are often lighter, stackable, more durable and easily moved.

What is the best value conference chair?

The Buro Maxim conference chair is a versatile, durable choice. Designed to suit a wide range of people, they are also stackable and can be linked together forming the straight lines that keep events and guests in order.

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