Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs

Discover sit-stand and kneeling chairs to improve your posture, productivity, and comfort.

Ergonomic chairs for kneeling encourage an optimal seating posture, helping to relieve muscle tension and sciatica while working to improve circulation, digestion, and focus.

Sit-stand and kneeling chairs are ideal for those who often switch between sitting and standing. Browse below or find a Buro reseller today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sit-Stand & Kneeling Chairs

Are kneeling chairs good for back pain?

Back pain from sitting can be caused by a number of factors. A kneeling office chair may improve this especially if people suffer from tight hip flexors or sciatica. When the knees are lower than the hips, this opens up the hips and releases tension from the lumbar spine. A great ergonomic kneeling chair can ensure this alignment is safely supported. Buro’s kneeling chairs are an alternative to traditional chairs that may be just the thing you need to feel and work better.

What is the best chair for relieving sciatica?

Sciatica causes nerve pain, tingling or numbness in the back, hip and leg. This can be distracting and exhausting to deal with. Finding the right ergonomic chair can make all the difference to healing sciatica for people who sit long hours at a desk. Kneeling chairs are designed to create space and relieve pressure through the lumbar spine, hip flexors and pelvis. This can in turn reduce agitation of the sciatic nerve and the symptoms that causes.

If you are experiencing sciatic pain from sitting, the Buro Knee chair is a great option.

Work in maximum comfort

Across the country, countless Australians spend their workday sitting behind a desk. Sitting down for a time is comfortable; however, it can cause pain and discomfort when ingrained into your daily routine. Fortunately, Buro’s range of sit-stand and kneeling chairs can help improve comfort, morale, and overall productivity. Familiarise yourself with healthy sitting habits and switch to an ergonomic kneeling chair today.

Don’t let pain rule your workflow and productivity; instead, adjust your workspace to provide comfort. The ergonomic design makes kneeling chairs ideal for an office work environment. It may be time to evaluate your sitting habits if you often have a sore back, tailbone, knees, or neck.

Kneeling chairs are ideal for office seating as they encourage improved posture, helping ease back pain from slouching. The ergonomic design helps minimise the pressure on the lumbar discs and reduce pain in the lower back.

Sit-stand chairs distribute your body weight across your shins and thighs. This weight distribution takes pressure away from your knees. The position encourages improved blood circulation, promoting movement in the legs and lower body.

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