About Buro

Buro is a leading wholesaler of quality ergonomic seating across Australasia.

With over 25 years of experience designing, manufacturing and wholesaling commercial seating, we’ve developed a deep understanding of what makes a truly great chair – one that feels as good as it looks.

We’re leading wholesalers
of ergonomic seating

Across Australasia, more people sit on Buro chairs than any other brand. Just quietly, we think that’s pretty great, but it’s not all we’re about. We want people to work well and live better. We are dedicated to enhancing people’s lives, by helping them create workspaces that optimise their health and wellbeing. We strive to achieve this by providing the absolute best and fit-for-purpose furniture that not only improves vitality but also productivity.

Through smart ergonomics and internationally-awarded, human-centred design, we provide people with access to beautiful seating built for almost every purpose, every space and everybody you could imagine.


As a commercial furniture specialist

We know that both form and function contribute to excellent design and a great user experience. That’s why we’ve committed to stringent design and manufacturing standards that create seating to support people’s changing needs.

As folks spend more time sitting, working from home or in shared spaces we’ve ensured our chairs and office furniture is resilient, adaptable and customisable. Certified to international standards of sustainability, safety and ergonomic quality, so you can rest assured you’ve ticked all the boxes when purchasing Buro workspace furniture.

Our brand pillars

Health and Wellbeing

Endorsed by health professionals, our ergonomic desk chairs encourage optimal posture, movement and comfort for long term wellbeing and productivity.


World class design, materials and smart technology create workspace furniture solutions for a changing world.


Quality furniture that looks as good as it feels with customised options and expert knowledge to create a unique look for any space.

Certifications and Standards

Specs matter and we’ve got them covered. Relax knowing your furniture is strong, safe, sustainable and meets the highest international standards.

Our history

As the world has changed so have we. From humble beginnings in 1994 to one of Australasia’s leading commercial seating specialists. Here are some highlights from the Buro Seating journey.

Tim Howard, General Manager doing the heavy lifting. 

Buro Seating was founded

Buro was founded on 1 August 1994 by David Boyd, with a small team of two. David was based in Auckland and Chris Berry in Christchurch.

Buro Persona launched

Our first product range featured a version of the Buro Persona, the Buro Persona Mk2 and MK3 are top selling chairs in the Buro range today. On occasions we see the original Buro Persona returned to Buro for reupholstery and then back to work some 20+ years later!

Commitment to our 10 year guarantee

We commit to quality and durability, with a 10 year guarantee on our products.

Brisbane office opened

Buro expands to have offices in Christchurch, Auckland and Brisbane.

First Konfurb product launch

We launch our first Konfurb products, including the Konfurb Searl which is still a part of the Konfurb range today.

First health and aged care product launch

Our health and aged care products were developed in direct response to the needs of aged care and medical industries where functional, durable design is key to delivering quality everyday care.

Konfurb Fly series wins the Best of the Best Red Dot Award

The Konfurb Fly Sled chair, designed by Claudio Bellini was driven by the consideration that a chair needs to mirror the human body. The shape is designed to simultaneously provide comfort and flexibility, while remaining durable and strong.

First education product launch

Our education products were developed to enhance learning environments, helping both students and teachers through great furniture design.

First (actually second) Mondo product launch

Mondo products were developed to make ergonomic desk chairs accessible for a great price point. It actually existed as a brand for a short appearance in 2004, before it made its comeback in 2017.

We implement sustainable improvements

We removed the chrome on the Buro Lindis chairs and replaced it with reflective silver powdercoat frames.

We refresh our brand

We change our appearance to better reflect our values of health and wellbeing demonstrating our commitment to seating being about people and performance, not just chairs.

Konfurb Harmony and Konfurb Duoblock win international iF Design Awards

Designed by Martin Ballendat, German-born internationally recognised Industrial Designer. The Konfurb Duoblock chair was awarded a Red Dot Award – Best of the Best in 2018, followed by an IF Design Award in 2019 along with the Konfurb Harmony.

Launched Buro Dynamic Intelligence™

Our Buro Dynamic Intelligence™ technology is an example of seating innovation designed for today’s world, improving circulation, mobility and concentration. Dynamic Intelligence™ features in our Buro Mentor chairs.

We partner with the Australian Physiotherapy Association

As more people began working from home we wanted to deepen our commitment to ergonomic excellence. Buro partnered with the Australian Physiotherapy Association to ensure our chairs meet the highest standards of postural support.

Established goal of funding planting over 500 trees by 2022

Buro Seating is working with Trees that Count to mitigate our CO2 footprint and help protect New Zealand’s threatened biodiversity.

Launched our first 100% recycled chair

We launch the Konfurb Sense in Australia and winner of another iF Design award.

We improve our Product Stewardship Programme

We improve our Product Stewardship Programme demonstrating our commitment to responsible life cycle management and the core principles of product stewardship and extended producer responsibility. In conjunction with our manufacturing partners and resellers, we will take back all Buro supplied seating products and recycle them.

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