Visitor and Meeting Room Chairs

Visitor, meeting room and reception chairs worth waiting in.
First impressions last and while your guests wait, a comfortable, stylish chair can only improve their experience. Buro’s reception and meeting room chairs are designed to support easy transitions that look and feel good.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visitor & Meeting Room Chairs

How should chairs be positioned in a waiting room?

Waiting rooms are all about transition from one space to another. Arranging reception chairs in a waiting room needs to consider where people come in, what they need to do in the space and where they move on to. For example, creating ample space from the door to the reception desk and onwards into the facility or office is key. Ideally, there will be an uninterrupted flow from one stage to the next. Consider waiting room chairs that can be arranged comfortably around the edges of the room without crowding walkways.

It is also worth considering guest privacy and comfort depending on the nature of the activities in a space. For example in a medical setting, visitors may prefer to have a little space from each other. In a legal setting, you may wish to set chairs back from any office walls to prevent guests overhearing conversations with other clients.

Are reception armchairs a good choice for waiting rooms?

Consider how long clients may spend in your waiting room. The comfort of an armchair can make longer waiting times more comfortable, and if you have clients who perhaps need a more supportive chair, this can be a bonus. In medical settings, it may be worth considering a chair with wipeable surfaces to maintain hygiene and easy cleaning. Our ErgoCare range has great medical seating solutions.

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