The Koplus soundproof office pod collection creates a working environment worth the commute.  

Koplus is dedicated to inspire a simple, sensible, stylish and sustainable way of living and working. Designed to enhance collaboration and respect privacy, Koplus office pods, seats and desks are beautifully crafted for businesses who’ve got a dream. Discover the benefits of Koplus office pods in AU businesses. 


To enhance productivity, comfort, and creativity within the workplace, Koplus are devoted to delivering only the very best office pods on the market.

Not your typical wooden furniture, Koplus soundproof office pods are a masterpiece of metal and glass construction. With a lifetime warranty and smart features, Koplus pods can adapt with a business as it grows or moves. Rather than investing in meeting rooms, pods are an innovative solution for any space. Koplus office pods are a smarter choice for teams who mean business.

Workin’ on dreams

Koplus Milli Stand phone booth in graphite grey with light grey PET interior

Milli Stand phone booth for instant privacy 

The Milli Stand phone booths are in stock and ready to ship. Your office can have the most peaceful hideaway faster and more affordable than any construction.

A minimalist approach to the workspace soundproof booth, equipped with everything you need and nothing you don’t to focus on work. The collection is lined with an effective acoustic solution to provide an undisturbed and productive workspace environment.

Milli comes in just two models: Sit and Stand, offering two natural working position options. It is available in stock in a graphite grey exterior and PET light grey interior. Alternatively, you can choose the Milli Standard in a black or white finish or opt for the Milli Custom, which offers a wide range of exterior and interior colours.

What more could you want? 

Acoustic Solution
Made with class-leading soundproofing materials and structural detailing to mitigate noise. 

Automatic Lighting
Milli features a motion sensor that turns on the booth lighting upon entry, providing a smooth transition experience between different spaces. The light then automatically turns off when not in use to conserve energy. 

Ventilated Space
Custom-designed airflow vents provide constant natural air circulation. Both Milli Sit and Stand have a controlled airflow of 30.8 m3/h. 

Built-in Charging
User-friendly charging ports placed at table level for easy access.
UL and CE certified charging station with two AC outlets, two USB chargers and one CAT-6 port.
Input: 110-240 VAC, 10.1 A, 50-60 Hz.
Output: DC 5V, 2.1A. 

Sustainable Interior 
Eco-innovative Polyester (PET) Acoustics Panels installed in all the Milli range.
SCS Global Services Recycled Content Certified PET interior uses a minimum 50% post-consumer recycled polyester staple fibre content. 

Koplus Office Pod Collection

Koplus Milli Sit Stand Phone Booths
Koplus Kolo Solo Office Pod and Duo Meeting Booth
Koplus Kolo Duo ++ Meeting Room Booth
Koplus Milli Sit Stand Phone Booths White
Koplus Kolo Midi Studio Booth
Koplus Kolo Solo Phone Booth
Koplus Milli Sit Stand Phone Booths Black
Koplus Kolo Duo Studio Booth
Koplus Kolo Duo Meeting Booth

Explore the range

Koplus Office Pods

Koplus office pods include the Milli Sit and Milli Stand, along with the extensive Kolo acoustic collection. This Kolo range is designed to offer a protected environment to speak in private or to focus on work. Kolo is the solution to blocking out disturbance and to boosting productivity in any modern workspace. Whether you’re in need of a single booth, studio booths, or a meeting booth, explore the full range.