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Rutland Street Church

Rutland Street Church found a multi-purpose seating solution through using Buro Envy chairs. They're stackable and easy to store when not in use with storage trolleys for easy relocation and set-up.




08 Feb 2022



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CG Office Furniture

buro envy chairs in theatre layout

Versatile spaces created with stackable seating and storage trolleys

Rutland Street Church underwent renovations to create a versatile space. The church’s transformation included a new kitchen, dining area, and a flexible youth space.

The challenge was to find chairs that can be used for multiple purposes, fit the different areas and could be stored easily. The chosen solution was the Buro Envy chair due to its stackable design and storage trolleys. The Buro Envy chairs have a floor stacking height of 10 chairs and trolley stacking height of 25 chairs.

The black Buro Envy chairs were used in the large youth space and can be linked together to create a theatre style layout or positioned in smaller groups for activities. 

Green Buro Envy chairs were added to the dining area to match the decor and bring in a pop of colour. This made the dining space more inviting for gatherings.

Note that the Buro Envy is stocked in NZ only. Check out our range of conference chairs here.

green buro envy chairs
buro envy chairs in green

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