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Professional CAD Systems

Professional Cad Systems, located in Te Rapa Park, Hamilton, leads the way in providing innovative 3D solutions and ergonomic workspace design. Their commitment to excellence is evident through their distribution of Trimble SketchUp Pro and integration of cutting-edge technology like 3D portable laser scanners. By prioritising employee well-being with ergonomic furniture, such as the Buro Metro chair, they create a productive and collaborative work environment.




01 Apr 2024



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buro metro ergonomic chair in Pro Cad office

Professional Cad Systems – Embracing innovation in workspace design

Professional Cad Systems, founded in 1995 as a family business during the emergence of 3D CAD Software, has continuously evolved to meet the demands of the industry.

Initially catering primarily to engineers, the company capitalised on the rapid advancement of 3D Modelling Software in the early 2000s by becoming the New Zealand distributors of Trimble SketchUp Pro. This groundbreaking tool proved highly valuable for construction documentation and concept showcasing across various industries.

Today, Professional CAD Systems has embraced the latest advancements in 3D portable laser scanners for applications such as reverse engineering, quality control, and inspection. Their commitment remains steadfast: to provide exceptional customer service and support for the powerful products they offer, empowering professionals to design, communicate, and collaborate in 3D effectively.

buro metro at desk with three screens
buro metro ergonomic chair in pro cad

In January 2021, Professional Cad Systems relocated their workspace into a new premises in Te Rapa Park, Hamilton, within the Te Rapa Gateway’s prime industrial sites. Te Rapa Gateway’s appeal to a diverse range of industrial businesses aligns with Pro Cad’s vision for growth and innovation. The location offers access to a thriving industrial ecosystem, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities among like-minded businesses.

Understanding the importance of creating a conducive work environment, Professional Cad Systems prioritised ergonomic workstations for all staff. Their selection of the Buro Metro ergonomic chair reflects their commitment to employee well-being. The chair’s blend of style, comfort, and support, coupled with its ergonomic functions, promotes healthy posture and reduces discomfort during long hours of work.

In the training room, where comfort and flexibility are key, Professional Cad Systems opted for the Buro Maxim chair. Its padded seat ensures comfort during extended training sessions, while its stackable design and linking connectors allow for easy reconfiguration of the room for different purposes, such as presentations or collaborative work.

buro maxim chair in office training room
buro maxim in training room

Joseph Cockroft, Director of Professional Cad Systems, praised the decision, stating,

“When we moved into our new building, we sought quality office furniture in keeping with our professional standards and brand. Buro’s ergonomic chairs were the perfect solution, ensuring our employees’ comfort and productivity.”

By integrating cutting-edge technology with ergonomic workspace design, Professional Cad Systems not only enhances employee satisfaction and productivity but also fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration within the industrial business park.

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