Explore leading perspectives on work, learning and healthcare environments, be inspired by seating innovations and discover the important role of design and style.

konfurb block modular seating in office communal space
30 Jan 2023
The shift to remote work has been a major challenge for many businesses, with employees becoming increasingly comfortable with the flexibility and convenience of working from home. However, there is still a strong desire for human connection and collaboration in the workplace.
16 Jan 2023
Discover the benefits of incorporating a neutral colour palette in your office interior design. Learn how to create a cohesive, timeless look by layering different neutral tones, and how to use colour theory to promote focus, concentration, and overall wellbeing in the workplace. Explore real-life examples of successful neutral colour palette offices, and learn how to add personality and interest to your space while keeping it calming and inviting.
16 Sep 2022
Classroom interior design can have a huge effect on a student’s learning experience. Here are five ways classroom interior design and modern classroom furniture can boost learning that every interior designer, school principal, school seating planner, or procurement manager should know about.
14 Jul 2022
Healthcare waiting rooms and medical reception areas don’t need to be clinical and stuffy. First impressions are hugely important, so it’s vital to put patients at ease in a warm and homely environment. Here are some top tips to help make patients feel at ease.
08 Jun 2022
Health Wellbeing, Style
We explore employee preferences for environment optimisation, current design trends and the impact small changes to our workspaces can have on our productivity, health and happiness.
30 May 2022
We take a closer look at the ever-evolving healthcare industry and share four design trends and healthcare interior design tips for increasing positive vibes in medical facilities. Whether you’re working on a large healthcare fitout, or renovating your small home clinic, support both patients and practitioners to have a more positive experience.

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