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Tips for organising your work desk

In the quest for workplace efficiency, your desk organisation plays a crucial role, distinguishing between chaos and clarity in your daily tasks. By streamlining your workspace and focusing on essentials, like pens, notepads, and paper trays, you can create a productive environment conducive to success. Embracing a minimalist approach, supported by regular cleaning and strategic storage solutions, not only enhances productivity but also nurtures a sense of well-being, fostering a happier and more focused work experience.
tidy work desk with plants

Organisational habits at work can vary greatly, from the people who use their desks as a dumping ground to the meticulous colleagues who keep everything in perfect order. Which person are you?

If you fall into the former category, you might need some desk organisation tips to declutter your workspace and create a more comfortable, productive working environment.

In this article, we’ll look at essential desk supplies, sorting out your workstation, and the many benefits of keeping your corner of the office tidy. 

mondo plato at coworking desk

Mondo Plato at a shared coworking table, busy yet tidy.

Essential desk supplies

Take a look at your desk right now. Which items are truly essential, and which are taking up space for no reason. Do you really need the old meeting notes, the used bus tickets, or items of stationery gathering dust?

Try to stick to the essentials at your workstation. Here’s a list of the bare necessities to have at your desk to keep mess to a minimum.

1. Pens and pencils

So much of our work is done on computers and mobile phones, but having some pens to take notes is always key. Use a pen holder and throw away old pens and stationery.

2. A notepad

Notepads are essential for any office employee. They’re useful for jotting down ideas and continuing work while commuting. You could opt for an expensive leather-bound notebook or a no-frills pad from the stationery cupboard. 

3. A paper tray

With so many meetings and video calls to attend, having a paper tray to organise your notes is vital. 

A messy colleague will have reams of paper piled sky-high — don’t be that person. A paper tray will keep you organised and reduce the lost minutes spent searching for old notes.

4. Desk drawer organiser

Keeping your desk organised is great, but true professionals also keep their drawers tidy. 

Over time, we all accumulate pens, rubber bands, paper clips, and staplers from across the office. Having a desk drawer organiser will keep those items neat and save space.

Mondo Soho at a home office workstation organised by colour.

Mondo Soho at a home office workstation organised by colour

The benefits of a tidy workspace

A clean desk has numerous benefits, from improved mental health to higher productivity. By maintaining a tidy workstation, you’ll soon reap the benefits.

Just as there are mental health benefits to maintaining a clean and tidy home, the same applies to your space at work. Having a minimal setup keeps things simple and helps you stay focused.

You’ll spend less time looking for things and more time engaging with clients and colleagues, performing your job to the best of your abilities.

Studies cited by the Harvard Business Review found that clutter can make us feel more anxious or depressed, leading to raised cortisone levels (our stress hormone).

On the productivity front, scientists at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found that our brains like order and organisation. According to the university, visual reminders of disorganisation can reduce our ability to focus. 

Princeton researchers also found that when participants clear clutter from their workstations, their ability to focus and process information improves, increasing productivity levels. 

So, organising your work desk can make you more focused, better at your job, and happier as well. It’s time to do a bit of spring cleaning and declutter your workspace.


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