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27 Feb 2023
Health Wellbeing
In this article, we show some of the ways companies can improve employee morale and ensure staff look forward to a day in the office. We outline eight key ways to develop a stronger workplace culture — and how we changed our own workplace for the better and how to choose the right office furniture.
08 Jun 2022
Health Wellbeing, Style
We explore employee preferences for environment optimisation, current design trends and the impact small changes to our workspaces can have on our productivity, health and happiness.
03 May 2022
Health Wellbeing
As more hours are being spent working from home, individuals and businesses are being called to invest in a home office setup that meets professional standards. Considerations to health and safety, productivity and home aesthetics all factor when looking closely at remote working environments. Create workplace wellbeing in the homes of remote staff.
05 Jan 2018
Ergonomics, Health Wellbeing
When you maintain good posture by sitting up straight with a good desk chair, your body distributes your weight evenly on your joints, ligaments and muscles so no part of your body is overstressed. You’ll prevent back pain, feel lighter and less tired, be more comfortable and appear more confident almost immediately!
05 Apr 2017
Ergonomics, Health Wellbeing
Workplace injuries are an unfortunate fact of life, and even from the relative safety of an office desk chair, people can damage their bodies. One of the most common reasons people get injured in an office is poor workstation ergonomics.

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