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konfurb sense chair with man working from home reclining
14 Dec 2023
Health Wellbeing
Working remotely can negatively impact employees’ health and wellbeing. One reason is that they may not have access to the right furniture to facilitate work. We discuss working from home and its impact on mental wellbeing, and benefits of ergonomic office furniture for remote worker mental health.
Konfurb Orbit Chair High Back PU Pedestal Base in Relaxing Setting
06 Oct 2023
Health Wellbeing
Everybody needs to take a break occasionally. Be inspired by the world’s forging companies' recreational spaces. We share the importance of incorporating recreational spaces in the office and ideas for creating a recreational space for workers, boosting your team’s morale, improving work-life balance and giving staff somewhere to socialise.
seating options for accessible office design
28 Jul 2023
Health Wellbeing
It’s important for your business to be accessible to all. In this article, we provide essential tips to ensure your office is accessible for those with physical disabilities. We cover; general building features for accessibility, furniture to accommodate disabilities and how ergonomic chairs can benefit disabled employees.
buro mentor ergonomic chair and woman walking
30 Mar 2023
Health Wellbeing
Office exercises are one way of mitigating injury risks. Pulls and strains can often be avoided with some simple desk workouts and office stretching. Taking regular breaks from work to exercise and stretch is key. Everyone in the office, no matter how busy they are, should take time to take care of their bodies. Here are some tips, stretches, and light desk workouts that can help you perfect your workplace posture and prevent injuries from happening.
buro team problem solving
27 Feb 2023
Health Wellbeing
In this article, we show some of the ways companies can improve employee morale and ensure staff look forward to a day in the office. We outline eight key ways to develop a stronger workplace culture — and how we changed our own workplace for the better and how to choose the right office furniture.
08 Jun 2022
Health Wellbeing, Style
We explore employee preferences for environment optimisation, current design trends and the impact small changes to our workspaces can have on our productivity, health and happiness.

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