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How to build a better workplace culture

In this article, we show some of the ways companies can improve employee morale and ensure staff look forward to a day in the office. We outline eight key ways to develop a stronger workplace culture — and how we changed our own workplace for the better and how to choose the right office furniture.
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In a competitive job market, building a positive workplace culture is more important than ever, as organisations of all sizes look to maintain employee retention, foster trust and respect, and build a happy and productive team.

Building the right environment takes time and care. There’s no one answer, but there are some useful steps that organisations can take to help their staff become more productive and content. 

In this article, we’ll show some of the ways companies can improve employee morale and ensure staff look forward to a day in the office. 

We’ll outline eight key ways to develop a stronger workplace culture — and how we changed our own workplace for the better.


Why build a thriving workplace culture?

A positive workplace culture is beneficial to both employers and staff. Better morale can boost employee engagement, leading to higher job satisfaction and productivity, according to numerous international studies.

Employees will feel more valued and appreciated, and happier staff will be more loyal and committed in the long run. Studies have also shown that a positive organisational culture can lead to higher profits, as employees are more likely to be productive and motivated when they feel valued and appreciated.

konfurb eightby4 with staff
How to create a more positive work environment

As more people adopt hybrid working, building a workplace culture and encouraging true teamwork can be difficult. But it’s not impossible. Creating a positive work environment starts with openness and transparency.

Staff should be encouraged to engage and speak up, and managers should be approachable and supportive. A supportive, approachable manager can create a positive work environment and foster collaboration.

According to workplace wellbeing experts Human Software, when we feel good about ourselves in the workplace, we’re inclined to share, care, and strive more. 

“Coming to grips with why and how we operate can have substantial impacts on our work life, our personal life, and all the human interactions that happen in between,” says Human Software’s Amanda Maoate. 

“When you consider the roles of leaders and team members, that’s a myriad web of complex human relationships. All these relationships influence the culture of an organisation and the sense of value that we experience in the workplace or in our personal lives,” Maoate points out.

Emotional wellbeing, emotional intelligence, and better human interactions can all lead to a better business.


What your employees need 
Work-life balance

Supporting a healthy work-life balance can help employees avoid burnout and keep them energised in their personal and professional lives. 

Clear communication

Open communication between staff and management can reduce stress and improve understanding and cooperation.


Opportunities for personal and professional growth can help employees feel more fulfilled and motivated in their work.

A sense of purpose 

Boost employee empowerment and provide staff with a real sense of purpose. Help them become more fulfilled and motivated.

Social support

A work environment that provides a sense of community and social support can help employees feel connected and engaged.

Access to resources

Provide access to resources such as mental health and wellness programmes and professional development opportunities to improve employees’ wellbeing. 


Flexible work arrangements, such as working from home and flexible hours, can help employees balance their personal and professional lives. 


A comfortable work environment reduces stress and promotes physical and mental wellbeing. Customisable, ergonomic seating and furniture, good lighting, and different workspaces can help your employees thrive.


buro team culture annual conference

Getting stuck into team building activities at our annual NZ conference, December 2022. 

Buro’s workplace culture journey

At Buro, we practice what we preach. We worked with Amanda, an executive coach and registered psychotherapist at Human Software, to guide us on how to improve our workplace wellbeing. 

We contemplated the question, ‘what do you need from your work environment to improve your wellbeing?’

Answers differed across our business, and even the smallest touches made a big difference. Carla, our marketing manager, decided that a standing desk would support her working environment. Since then, she’s been using one, and absolutely loves it!

How we built a better culture

After working with Amanda, we launched several social activities to boost our workplace culture and bring us closer together as a team.

Our staff create our social events, and in February, we did a beach cleanup together with Sustainable Coastlines (check out our Insta for details). As sustainability (see previous blog) is a big part of our journey, these kinds of events also bring us closer to our culture and sense of purpose. 

In April, our social activity group organised a ‘sip and paint’ event, with two hours of painting tuition. Canvases, paint, food, and beverages were all provided, creating a memorable evening and great team bonding.

We also operate a staff wellness programme. Plus, we offer part-time hours and working-from-home options wherever we can to keep our people as happy as possible.

sustainable coastlines beach clean up Takapuna

Buro giving back to the community by taking part in the Sustainable Coastlines beach clean up at Takapuna beach.

A ‘sip and paint’ event, with two hours of painting tuition with food, and drinks creates a memorable evening and great team bonding.

painting class team social activity
Comfort is key

Comfortable office furniture is a big part of making your staff feel content and at home. Fortunately, we’re experts in powering the workplace with ergonomics. Here are some of our top picks:


buro mentor ergonomic chair

Buro Mentor:

Leaving levers in the past, the Buro Mentor features Dynamic Intelligence™ technology. The mechanism intuitively responds to your weight and organic movement, supporting optimal posture and active sitting.

The Mentor is the perfect office chair for home offices or shared spaces, adjusting to a person’s unique needs. With a sleek mesh back and a natural curve, the Buro Mentor looks as good as it feels.


buro elan ergonomic chair in work from home office

Buro Elan:

The Buro Elan is graceful, with elegant lines and advanced ergonomic features, including a breathable mesh back, depth adjustable seat slide, armrests, headrest, lumbar support, and synchro mechanism. Choose from a black or light grey frame to complement the workplace interior.


Mondo Lypta height adjustable desk makes an ergonomic workstation

Mondo Lypta:

The Mondo Lypta height adjustable desk is beautifully functional. This standing desk has thoughtful touches, including a quiet motor and four memory keys. The real clincher, though? The boost you’ll notice in your productivity and well-being.

This easy-to-use, 1200mm ergonomic desktop should be top of the list for home offices and commercial offices tight on floor space. Standing desks aren’t for everyone, but for some of your team, they could be exactly the right choice.


Now you’ve learnt the key to building a better workplace culture and picking the right office furniture, it’s time to take the next step and make your office more comfortable.

Head to Buro’s product page to find office inspiration and boost your workplace wellbeing today.



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