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Tokona Te Raki

Tokona Te Raki features Konfurb Block collaborative furniture which can be easily rearranged into unique configurations to suit different events.




01 Feb 2021



Supplied By

CG Office Furniture


Tokona te Raki – Māori Futures Collective, Rangatahi Academy is run by a passionate team of rangatahi future makers working collaboratively to break down the systems that continue to disadvantage Māori in most every aspect of our lives.

Tokona Te Raki, Maori Futures Collective physical space is located in Otautahi / Christchurch, NZ.

Tokona Te Raki are doing very important work, redesigning education for Rangatahi Māori, for the benefit of all. They ensure rangatahi are met where they are at, connected and prepared for where they want to go. They equip them with the tools to be inspired by their future, succeeding as Māori, confident in their culture and prosperous in their careers.



I love the Konfurb Block’s unpretentious nature. It’s not to look at, but to be crawled all over.


buro Seating

Collaborative furniture is a feature of the space, which can be easily rearranged into unique configurations to suit different events. Whether it’s a presentation, workshop or meeting.

The Konfurb Block allows for comfortable casual seating and the Konfurb Link table can be used as a laptop table or a coffee table. The products were supplied by CG Office Furniture.

The versatility of the Konfurb Block collaborative seating and Konfurb Link tables allows for creativity and interaction with the team in a fun and bright environment.

The Konfurb Block pieces are custom upholstered in Warwick fabric; Dolly-Plus: Armour, Ashcroft: Purple, Teal, Orange and Canary.


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