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Grace Hospital




02 Nov 2018



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Urban Lounge Interiors


Grace Hospital are a private hospital who provide personalised and attentive care, ensuring guests are relaxed as possible.

Grace Hospital Tauranga worked alongside Urban Lounge Interiors to create inviting beautiful spaces that prioritised a sense of comfort and safety.

A combination of the wooden leg visitor chairs, Konfurb Hady and Buro Bella, were placed into each patient room wing for the fit-out. The Buro Rockford recliners were placed into the day-stay recovery ward.

Grace Hospital have a comfortable and upmarket environment for private patient treatment. The selected guest chairs compliment the warm and modern spaces and the Buro Rockford recliner was a great choice providing innovative independent electronic function without a hard clinical exterior.


The Day Stay is a well used space that needed to be practical and private but also calming, comfortable and interesting for patients recovering from surgery.

A feature wallpaper was selected to add visual impact alongside a calming colour palette tying in with the existing interior of the hospital. We designed and custom built moveable screens for privacy, they feature a ‘G’ print that ties in and compliments the Grace Hospital brand.

Urban Lounge Interiors

Custom Upholstery Featured:
Hady / Spark Star ‘Victoria Charcoal’
Bella / Spark Star ‘Custom’
Rockford / Warwick Lustrell Charisma


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