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Product Ratings & Reviews 

Customers can leave a product review and submit a star rating about products they purchase from us.


You may share your opinion about Buro products that you have purchased and experienced. Occasionally, we also send emails to customers who have consented to receiving emails from us, inviting them to rate and review their recent purchases. We may also collect and add Buro reviews that have been received by Buro resellers.

By submitting your review, you agree that: 

  • any information, suggestions, images or ideas you send to us in relation to a product you purchase from us (review content) is non-confidential and non-proprietary and we may choose to provide attribution of your review content at our discretion; 
  • you grant us an irrevocable, unrestricted, royalty-free license to use, modify, adapt, reproduce, transmit, publish, distribute, create derivative works from and publicly display review content for any purpose whatsoever throughout the world in any media to the extent permitted by law; 
  • you own or have the necessary consents or permissions to submit your review content, and have it published, and we are under no obligation to keep this content confidential; 
  • your review content contains your genuine opinion. 

We reserve the right to investigate and verify the validity of reviews submitted to us. We reserve the right to not publish, or remove, any ratings and reviews that we consider not to be genuine or misleading or violate our moderation policies in any way. 

Product Star Ratings 

The product rating system is 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the highest. The aggregated star rating of a product represents the average rating of all reviews published for a product. The number of reviews that form the basis of an aggregated rating is displayed next to the aggregated rating. The aggregated ratings are displayed on product details pages along with full product reviews in the reviews tab. The aggregated reviews are also displayed on the Our Products pages. We may present ratings and reviews elsewhere on the site and use them in our marketing communications. 

Review Moderation Policies 

Our moderators evaluate every submitted product review to ensure it is legitimate, appropriate, non-contradictory, and to protect the privacy of our reviewers. All reviews, positive and negative, that comply with our moderation policies and are deemed to be a valid and true comment relating to the product are accepted for publishing.

The following content included in a review will violate our moderation policies and will cause the review to be rejected: 

  • Unlawful, misleading, profane, offensive, sexually inappropriate, threatening, abusive, hateful content or content defamatory towards a person’s race, ethnicity, entity, belief or symbol 
  • Spam and advertising 
  • URLs and hyperlinks except for links to other Buro products on our website 
  • Personal information, being phone numbers, email or mailing addresses 
  • Competitor products mentioned 
  • Review submitted for the wrong product 
  • Not constructive and not product-specific feedback, (including service or policy complaints). 

We reserve the right to edit the review content if there are parts that violate our moderation policies, provided this does not materially change the substance of the review. For example, if a review contains service-related comments along with constructive product feedback, we will consider removing service-related comments before accepting the review for publication. 

Review Publishing Policies 

All reviews accepted by our moderators advance to the publishing stage.

Product ratings and reviews submitted to us are not a guarantee of publication. We reserve the right to reject, remove, ignore, or edit any reviews for any reason, including a violation of our moderation policies. For further information, please contact us.  


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