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mondo java chair levers
07 Nov 2023
Mastering office chair adjustments: explore the nuances of seat, backrest, and tilt customisations, and uncover the essential elements that personalise your seated experience. Enhance your sitting and working efficiency with a deep understanding of these vital office chair adjustments.
buro elan black chair
07 Nov 2023
Unlock the secrets of your office chair's inner workings with our comprehensive guide to ergonomic office chair parts. From castors to headrests, and everything in between, discover the key components that make your seating experience truly comfortable and adjustable. Make an informed choice for your next office chair purchase by exploring these essential features.
Buro Elan Buro Peekaboo in neutral workspace
27 Feb 2023
Discover the significance of diverse office seating and the advantages it offers in terms of productivity and wellness for employees. Learn about the three different types of workers and how their requirements differ. Explore office neighbourhoods and the four foundational space typologies according to Steelcase. Finally, delve into the finest seating alternatives for your organisation, including ergonomic office chairs, active sitting stools, and more.
31 Jan 2023
Touchdown spaces are a great option for businesses that want to support a flexible or hybrid working environment. They provide staff with a convenient place to work. A well-designed touchdown space can encourage collaboration, improve engagement and lead to better performance and productivity.
30 Nov 2022
With many offices now shifting to accommodate flexible working, three distinct spaces have emerged to support new hybrid working models. Ergonomic workstations, Touchdown spaces and Collaboration areas – each with their own unique seating requirements.
03 Oct 2022
Not every office chair is created equal, and the Konfurb Sense is one that always seems to stand out from the crowd. Featuring award-winning design, advanced ergonomics and sustainable materials. Read more to know what makes it great.

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