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How high-quality furniture can deliver a great ROI

Unlock the potential of your office with high-quality furniture, ensuring exceptional ROI. Discover why investing in quality seating is a smart choice. Explore our product suggestions for the best ROI office furniture can offer, optimising comfort, productivity, and sustainability for your business's long-term success.
buro elan quality office chair

Businesses have to make all sorts of investments, from computers and technical equipment to upskilling their people. Most wouldn’t consider office furniture an investment, but it’s one of the most important investment decisions your company can make.

Employers that buy high-quality furniture can benefit from a return on investment (ROI) in the long run. In this article, we’ll explain the ROI office furniture can deliver, why it’s worth investing in the very best seating, and the return you can get on your money.


What does ROI mean?

ROI refers to how much bang you get for your buck and whether your initial investment was really worth it.

For example, say you’re considering spending money on new desks and chairs, and you have two options: a cheap setup or something more expensive and durable. What will deliver the biggest return on investment over time? 

While cheap chairs and tables might save some money at the outset, they’re likely to break sooner. Before you know it, you’ll be shopping for furniture again. 

In contrast, the premium alternative is more costly upfront but will last several more years, saving you money in the long term and allowing investment elsewhere.

Clothing is another great example. Many of us will have bought a throwaway item at the shops, only to find it shrink or rip in the wash.

In contrast, we all have quality items in our wardrobe that have stood the test of time. The coat or pair of shoes bought years ago that was well worth the investment.

That’s ROI in a nutshell. The next time you consider spending money, think about the return on investment you’ll really get, and whether the cheapest option is really the best one.

grey konfurb luna chairs in boardroom setting

The Konfurb Luna chair comes with a 10 year guarantee, AFRDI Green Tick and GreenGuard Gold certification. 


Adam Tipping, Buro’s product development manager for Australasia, says:

“A quality chair will last longer. The cheaper option will likely start to degrade after a few years, meaning you could end up replacing your chair three or four times compared to the life cycle of a high-quality one.”


Andy McRobbie, Buro’s general manager for sales, says businesses often regret short-term thinking. 

“The same consideration that goes into purchasing a bed should be extended to an office chair! Purchasing a chair should be seen as an investment, not an inconvenient cost, allowing the user to perform to their optimum over a long period of time.”

Aside from the long-term savings associated with buying quality furniture, there are a host of other benefits.


Attracting and keeping staff

Since the pandemic, employers and interior designers are increasingly focused on making the office more like home. 

Designers including British academic Jeremy Myerson say workers are now more motivated by high levels of comfort and satisfaction in the office.

social recreational spaces in office with soft seating

The Konfurb Eightby4 modular seating supports creating a more comforting work environment for teams.

Modular seating in the office can make the workplace more homely and more appealing to staff and remote staff. Like the best computers and technology, high-quality furnishings can be a drawcard.

High employee morale, comfort, and wellbeing are known to increase employee retention rates, making quality furniture a shrewd business choice.


Boosting productivity 

Studies show us that high-quality ergonomic chairs can boost productivity in the workplace, adding to the ROI office furniture can deliver.

In a review of 250 case studies, in the United States, the Washington State Department of Labor discovered that ergonomic workstations reduced lost workdays by 75% and workers’ compensation costs by 68%.

It has been proven time and time again that quality furniture is good for your business.

buro metroII HB

The Buro Metro II High Back is known for its quality and 10 year guarantee.  

When employees are comfortable and free of aches and pains, they’re more efficient and effective, helping them to get on with their work.

“Sitting correctly and comfortably will ensure you’re not distracted by the pain of discomfort,” says Adam. “This ensures you’re more focused during the time you’re seated, making you more productive.”


Long-lasting — and better for the planet 

High-quality furniture is built to last. It won’t need replacing as quickly and it’s better for the environment.

“The components used in all Buro chairs are made by reputable factories from superior materials, and regularly tested to ensure they conform to Buro’s high standards,”

Adam says.

“Buro chairs come with a warranty and guarantee to give the user peace of mind that the product will last. Depending on the product, Buro chairs can come with a 10-year guarantee.”

Andy says Buro chairs often last even longer than a decade.

“We have chairs in the market still going strong after well over 10 years, if maintained appropriately.”


Making products for the long term is part of Buro’s Environmental Impact policy. We aim to minimise the environmental footprint across our supply chain and reduce the amount of waste caused by throwing out old furniture.

Smart environmental choices are better for your business, the economy, and our future.

environmentally certified office chairs

Many of the ergonomic chairs in Buro’s range have achieved environmental credentials including the AFRDI Green Tick, Greenguard Gold certification, and approval from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®).  You can view the list of certified chairs under each certification tab on our certifications and standards page

Our Product Stewardship Programme also extends the lifecycle of our products, reducing waste generation and our carbon footprint. You can get your old Buro furniture refurbished, reconditioned or recycled — get in touch with our team.

Find out more about the Product Stewardship Programme and read some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the scheme here.



Chairs that deliver a great ROI 

Across the Buro range, there are chairs to suit every workplace, from retail and hospitality settings to offices and boardrooms.

The Buro Mentor can complement any workplace or home office setting, bringing sophisticated design and cutting-edge ergonomics to the table.

Featuring Buro’s Dynamic Intelligence™ technology, the Buro Mentor boasts a self-weighting tension adjustment, adapting to the body’s postural needs and encouraging a neutral spine position.

Buro Mentor
buro polo stool with height adjustability and seat wobble

The Buro Roma HB 24/7 is the most resilient of our ‘Roma’ range. Hospitals, airports, call centres, control rooms, and emergency departments all rely on the Roma 24/7 for comfort, support and durability.

Not only does the Konfurb Sense look great — it’s a sustainable office chair too. It is made using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, making it less harmful to the environment. GreenGuard Gold Certified, it has been tested and scientifically proven to have low chemical emissions, and is guaranteed to give off lower levels of volatile organic compounds.

konfurb sense office chair


Ready for the best ROI office furniture can deliver? Check out our complete range of ergonomic seating: ​​


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