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21 Sep 2022
Ergonomics is about much more than convenience. Our mental and physical health, motivation and mood are all impacted by the way we move. With our mere posture able to impact the way we feel at a hormonal level, the case for ergonomics couldn’t be more clear; optimise your environment, and you optimise your life.
27 Aug 2022
Designing a workplace with ergonomics in mind will create a safe workspace. Ergonomics is the process of organising workplaces, products, and systems so that they fit the people who use them, enabling them to work comfortably and efficiently. Learn more about what ergonomics is in our video featuring Andrew Wilson, a practising Osteopath and Ergonomist.
28 Apr 2022
Ergonomics, Innovation
Explore one of the less conventional chair options, the kneeling chair and the rise in popularity of the standing desk. Understand what they are, best practice for using them and the benefits of using each. We explore how combining these two can make a powerful ergonomic set up plus other options for sitting, perching and standing.
17 Aug 2021
Working from home has become a way of life for many Kiwis since the pandemic, whether you’re tucked away in a spare room, tapping away at the dining room table, or lucky enough to have a dedicated home office setup. But you are probably missing one key ingredient — a proper home office chair.
05 Jan 2018
Ergonomics, Health Wellbeing
When you maintain good posture by sitting up straight with a good desk chair, your body distributes your weight evenly on your joints, ligaments and muscles so no part of your body is overstressed. You’ll prevent back pain, feel lighter and less tired, be more comfortable and appear more confident almost immediately!
05 Apr 2017
Ergonomics, Health Wellbeing
Workplace injuries are an unfortunate fact of life, and even from the relative safety of an office desk chair, people can damage their bodies. One of the most common reasons people get injured in an office is poor workstation ergonomics.

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